Eat Breakfast Like a King – 5 Tips For a Better Breakfast and Still Lose Weight!

5 Tips for a better breakfast

At breakfast like a king and dinner like a poor man. Indeed that is true if you want to lose weight and live healthily.

You can be a little rough and say, for breakfast, you can eat all the calories you want! You are likely not going to gain weight from it since you have a whole day to burn off your breakfast calories. Still, breakfast is something that many of us undervalue, or skip altogether.

It shouldn’t be like this because eating the right thing for breakfast will improve your health and help you to boost your weight loss.

In this article, we are going to make your breakfast choices a whole lot easier. You are going to get 5 tips that will give you a better breakfast that will help you to lose weight.

Whole Eggs With Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach

Whole eggs are an excellent source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Instead of only eating eggs whites, you should aim to get one or two whole eggs for breakfast a couple of times during the week.

Eggs do contain cholesterol so don’t eat too many of them. However, men will benefit from the good cholesterol in eggs because it is needed for testosterone and semen production.

The cherry tomatoes and spinach will add a good solid flavor and lift it up a little.

Smoothie with Berries

One thing I absolutely do love to have in the morning is a smoothie containing a little yogurt, blue and berries, a banana and some oatmeal. For me, a smoothie combined with two whole eggs on the side is the perfect start of the day. And it can help you to lose weight as well.

Berries are an excellent source of carbohydrates and antioxidants. They can help you to flush out toxins and keeping your body healthy. Blueberries contain around 4 grams of fibers per cup, so they will up your stomach, so you feel full and satisfied. It is perfect for suppressing your appetite.

Quinoa, Musli With Dark Chocolate and Banana

Quinoa and Chocolate breakfast

Who ever said not to eat chocolate?

Pure chocolate above 80% gives you a lot of health benefits, and it contains less cream and sugar compared to the traditional choices below 75%. Getting some chocolate in the morning will increase your serotonin levels so that you will stay active and happy. It will also suppress your appetite and help you to avoid cravings during the day.

Just take a closer look at these scientific studies and learn a lot more about health benefits of chocolate.

Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and a very healthy eating.

Whole Grain Bread, With Guacamole and Whole Eggs

When it comes to the bread, go for the organic stuff that is packed with all sorts of grain, nuts and perhaps garlic or sundried tomatoes.

Guacamole, a Mexican version of avocado and is delicious for all sorts of foods. It contains healthy fat like Omega 3 and is an excellent source.

I like to add it some cherry tomatoes and put a couple of spinach leaves as well, just for the sake of health.

The Fast Solution – Oatmeal, an Apple and Protein Powder

Ok if you absolutely don’t have any time in the morning then you may like this combo. All it requires is a blender and either some water or skimmed milk.

Cut out the apple, but leave the skin on the pieces, because they are packed with minerals and vitamins. Take one cup of oatmeal and one or two spoons of Whey or Casein protein powder.

Blend the whole thing, and you will be ready to go for work.

oatmeal, apple, and protein powder


Remember, always prioritize real food rather than protein powders and meal replacement supplements.

If you are afraid of getting too many calories in the morning using these 5 tips for a better breakfast, you can always add in Phen24. It will ensure that your metabolism is high and that you are suppressing your appetite, just enough to prevent overeating.

Also, check out this link for even more breakfast tips.

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